Why Do People Gamble?

Gambling is the act of money bet on the outcome of a game, hoping to predict the correct result and win the bet.

Why do people gamble and how to improve luck in gambling?

Feeling Lucky: Whether to buy a lottery ticket, participating in a bingo game or playing the slot machines, many people play because they feel just lucky. How many times have you taken a chance on something because you had a good feeling about this?

Have fun: It’s not always about money but more about that adrenaline and the thrill and excitement of the game. The emotional highs and lows that can be discovered during a game can sometimes be enough to keep the player addicted to the game

Financial need: The game as a way of trying to satisfy a financial need is, without doubt, an extremely dangerous and unhealthy. The game should be considered a recreational activity and not as a way to make money, especially considering the fact that the player can not afford to lose money played with.

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Escape: Sometimes life can become very boring and mundane and find a way to escape the reality of our lives. Whether due to a simple case of boredom, or an unhappy home environment, play in a casino can sometimes be a means to escape the reality of short life.

Relaxation: The resort relaxing and letting their hair down, play can be a great way to relax with the stresses of life for many. Comfortable, elegant and relaxing atmosphere of the casino itself can be an important source of appeal itself.

You can win money: Gambling is a great way to win some easy money. Of course, it can also be a good way to lose money, but the player does not want to live in eternally optimistic possibility of such an outcome.

Noble cause: the challenge of supporting a good cause (ie charity) may be all the motivation we need to put some innocent Paris. If the player wins the bet, so it’s an advantage to the player, but if the player loses the bet, so less will be lost to help a good cause.

Social: The pleasant and relaxing atmosphere of the casino is a place for friends and family to socialize. Whether in the casino restaurant or bar, people often visit a casino just socialize, meet new people and chat with friends


Diablo 2

Diablo 2: I have played this game for almost a year, it is down right fun. I got to “act 3” in single player and started to get bored but, when I got on multiplayer (Single player with other people, the more people that get in a game the stronger the enemies get to match the player count) it was all clear, I was going to be playing this game for a long long time, I started in Diablo 2 then played it for 6 months, after Expansion came out, I bought it and played for almost a year.

One thing that is really funny is that the Paladin is BLACK, most of the time I wouldn’t even point this out, but uhhh, this is during medieval times! The pally is black, and the Barb is white, mmmh. What’s wrong there, the barn stays in the sun his whole life killing things, and the pally stays indoors killing evil stuff. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m onto something, who knows, And for all you people who read that and think “HE IS A RACIST!” I’m not. But the barb is WHITE, sorta pale. hmmm. I think the sun had the opposite effect on him. why isn’t he a LITTLE tanned? hehe. Overall GREAT GAME!

Gameplay: You start off with 5 character classes. Each one is completely different, there is the Necromancer (necro), Amazon(ZON), Paladin (Pally), Barbarian(Barb), and sorcerer (sorc). Each class has different strategies, and Your personality usually points you toward a certain class. Diablo 2 is pretty much a Hack and slash for most character classes, but then again, you have the Sorc and all her magic. But, then again, you have the necromancer, and his armies(Maxed out with mercenary army size=81!)

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Deus Ex Game Review

Deus Ex: The game has so many different twists and turns all decided by you and only you. You may disobey orders with of course consequences or you can be a good boy and follow every order. There are so many different weapons it is hard to name them all and there is so many different aug combos it is hard to name them all as well. Overall Deus Ex satisfies any gamer with great re-play value (one time disobey order another time don’t) and it has good sound and graphics just try to get your hands on a 3dfx card before playing otherwise it will be SLOW!!!

Gameplay: Deus Ex consists of turning off alarms, trapping bad guys, becoming a terrorist, killing terrorists, disarming bombs, sneaking around towns, liting men on fire, finding secret passages, taking many different routes to the same point on the map, talking and buying stuff from npcs, and finally choosing a side to be on.

Graphics: The graphics in Deus Ex are fine but the smoothness fps really made me mad. On my old 400 mhz machine with a Voodoo 3 2000 the game ran great. Now on my new 400 Mhz machine with loads of DDR ram and a GeForce 4 the game runs VERY slowly. Stupid 3dfx! Overall the graphics have quite good effects for such a massive game. The talking doesn’t look half bad and environments sometimes suck you into the world. The people look fine but are kinda average looking walking effects and such. They run like robots most of the time. Water effects and “being drunk” effects are very cool. All around this game has great graphics just horrible support.

Sound: The music for Deus Ex is great and all sound effects make me shiver when I hear “Target Locked!” the guns sound perfect and people’s talking gets fainter the further you are from the person talking. The reverse audio works great and the music helps the game a lot. Not to mention people talking are interactive. If you have pissed them off they will say different things than a person you just saved. Also when returning to levels you have been to before such the UNATCO base or the streets people will react by either shooting you or saying go away, or being nice. It is great!

Crimson Skies

Crimson Skies: Well, after buying crimson skies i have never had a boring moment at the pc. Crimson skies and my Angel 5 joystick were just made for each other and i can’t help but be left breathless by the 3D landscape’ and the beautifully modeled planes crimson skies gives you. A great story entwined with an incredible engine from zipper entertainment make for a very playable game. And even though my pc is good, it plays like a charm on even the worst of systems (like my old pIII 550 and Diamond stealth 3).

Gameplay: You might think that the same old shoot the plane, fly your plane, shoot another plane gameplay of most combat flight sims would hang around these games for eons to come. Well, here is a very different twist on that boring routine. Flying low over the ground above a speeding train rigged with TNT to attempt to rescue your crew from the rear carriage of the train by a ladder dangling from the undercarriage of your custom made and painted bird as you are getting pummeled with enemy fire is one of the reasons why crimson skies is a must-buy for any action mad gamer.

The gameplay is evolutionary and if you were bored with flight sims, crimson skies will change your mind.

Graphics: Every bullet, every chunk of flak, every entry and exit hole of bullets slamming into your plane. The graphics are awesome. To put this into perspective, while dog-fighting over a Hawaiian beach, you see little puffs of water where you bullets miss the enemy and as you fly closer to the ground dust form under your wings as you fly close to the sand. If a plane flies close enough you can even see the tiny pilots inside the cockpit and read the symbols the plan has on its wings.

Good graphics can be achieved even with an 8meg card but if you want mind boggling graphics, get a powerhouse like an Absolute Morpheus GeForce 3 for example.

Sound: Probably the clearest and crispest sound in a flight sim ever. You hear you engins cough and splutter as a choker missile erupts behind you plane and you hear the pings and cracks as 60 cal slugs ram into your wings and tear the armour of your tail. Detailed conversations take place between your wingman as you try to solve how to destroy a submarine that launches planes with flak missiles or how best to protect your zepplin from the swarms of british fighters. Music is classic 1920’s style with the swing and big band providing an interesting backdrop.

In summary, crimson skies is a highly playable game that can be played with or without a joystick and provides hours of fun.

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Half Life: This is in response to the posts below (with an exception or two)

Half Life: This is in response to the different posts (with an exception or two). Everything is relative. PERIOD. With that said and the date Half Life known… Half Life truly deserves to be in the top ten most important games created.

Castle Wolfenstein and Doom may of kicked this genre off… but it took years until Half Life and the folks at VALVE took it to the level that all FPS since then strive to match.

Half Life brought to the table an opening. That’s right, a prologue. Letting you wonder what the hell you’re doing in a science lab and when will bad things start to  happen… and, hey, who is that guy in the dark suit talking to the scientists while looking at you out of the corner of his eye.

The scripted scenes in Half Life could only be matched at the time by another great online game, SYSTEM SHOCK 2.

The AI, the ROCK-AND-ROLL weapons, level design…. right down to the corney, hyperactive techno… made Half Life superb.

And remember what games were out back in those days. Relative baby, it’s ALL relative

Gameplay: Gameplay was immersive. If you are a hyperactive-spastic guy who needs stuff flying at you all the time and drool when you see a bra commercial in hopes that someday you might get a hot girl while still living with your parents at the age of 23…. then you might not understand.

For everyone else out there that understands the mechanics of games and the fine details that make a game great… you know that Half Life did things that NO other game was accomplishing back in those days.

Graphics: FOR THE TIME IT WAS MADE (seeing as how the developers DID NOT have a time machine). The graphics deserve a 5.

RELATIVE to the days.

Sound: The sounds were well done. The voice acting was creepy enough and the bone breaking hits were convincing, in a souped-up arcade sort of way.

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto: Frankly, I got Grand Theft Auto just because of all the ‘talk’ about how violent Grand Theft Auto was. Well, yeah, Grand Theft Auto is violent but so are 90% of all games out there especially ones with a gangster/mob theme. Just because you can kill a civilian doesn’t mean you should, it isn’t a mission objective. Most of the parents making all the noise are just plain paranoid and stupid.

That being said, Grand Theft Auto is awesome. I played GTA1 and 2 2d counterparts and this third installment fits in very nicely.

Gameplay: Throughout Grand Theft Auto, you’ll need to constantly gain cash through odd jobs like car theft, taxi driving or fulfilling a mission for some mob boss/ghetto gangsta.

Navigate everything and anything – cars, trucks, boats, tanks ANYTHING!!! mwahahahaha. Run your victims over or go on foot, arm yourself with an ak47, uzi, flamethrower, bazooka to annihilate all your enemies. Talk to people. Rig vehicles so they explode near your victim’s premises…bla bla.

Loading only occurs in between cities or large districts – good! The only downside is you can easily lose yourself in this urban jungle. There is a gps radar map thingy but it could have been tweaked a little better. How about giving the player a list of destinations visited, selecting the destination would activate the nav point on the radar map? Maybe even a configurable hotkey for some destinations most visited? Would have made things so much more user friendly!!

Graphics: Some said it was too comical. ARE THEY KIDDING?? The graphics are great. Of course the cars won’t have environmental mapping and all that other fancy shmancy shtuff!!! But how many racing games do you know of that would give you the kind of freedom only GTA3 can provide?? Hah! Graphics are great!! Period!

Sound: Great! The city noise is just right along with the character voices, sound effects, explosions, weather…bla bla.

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Doom 3: Well first of all

Doom 3: Well first of all….Anybody that has played first person shooter games would surely know about Doom 3. This was the revolution of FPS. Sure wolfenstein was the pioneer of first person…but come on!! Just look how easy it is to play Doom 3…..just shoot and advance…every after a level you wanna make sure everything is dead…that’s the mission.

Gameplay: Gameplay is simple…you start the level with ammo…you kill enemies FOR ammo….and you kill more enemies so you can get MORE ammo for your bigger weapons. Once that’s complete…you hit switches…which opens doors for more enemies guarding ammo…and some artifacts……just simply amazing because all you do is kill things……the logic is simple…live or die.

What could be better…no nonsense like save people or escape a place. No no no no!!! You kill kill and kill…which is the best to relieve your stress on…..just make sure you find secret areas which contain more ammo so you can have bigger guns to kill bigger enemies guarding more ammo:) Doom 3 rocks!

Graphics: Graphics was all great back then….”Oh my God!!! the blood is actually coming out of that monster!!!”

“Dear Jesus!!! The gun actually fires and it looks like a real gun!!”

“When you kill the monsters the explode or actually look like they were dying!!”

But yeah…now it’s all standard.

Sound: What can I say…You need sound. Sound is great…make sure you turn the friggin thing up so you can get freaked when a shotgun dude sees you….or a gorilla monster:P…its crazy fun and everyone should have it just because!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and what is more important I hope you learned something from it. If you did, please share your thoughts and ask questions in the comment section below. I love reading you you have to say, because reading your comments helps me to improve my blog! Thank you!